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(Photo: Mr Extractor) While all CBD oil products seem to be banned under this new ruling, several industry organizations and legal experts have publicly challenged the legality of the DEAs decision. It remains to be seen whether the DEA will indeed crack down on CBD hemp oil products. CBD Oil From Hemp vs. Marijuana CBD hemp oils have been criticized as being inferior in quality and lacking in medical benefits compared to CBD oils produced from marijuana. This is because hemp stalks and fibers contain much lower concentrations of CBD than flowers and, as a result, are not an ideal source of CBD. Naturally, it makes far more sense to use the flowers of CBD-rich strains to produce CBD oil. These types of extracts exist in states where medical marijuana is legal, such as Colorado, where products like Charlottes Web oil have become widespread. Unfortunately, patients who live in states where medical marijuana is not legal do not have access to these forms of CBD oil. For these patients, hemp-derived CBD oils are often the only legal option. Whats more, due to their uncertain legal status, most CBD hemp oil products are largely unregulated and thus are not held to the same quality and testing standards as other medical or dietary supplement products.

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