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Every puff was full of flavor and vaporized perfectly. The last two puffs of the vape pen before the battery dies will be smaller but that's just a good indicator for you that the battery is about to be dead. Refilling this vape pen is also very easy as well as charging the battery for the vape pen. Both best online vapor cigarette store 2015 of these things if not designed well can be a deal breaker. Charging is easily accomplished by threading the battery into the charger and simply plugging in the USBcharger into any USB port. This method of charging vape pens is much better than a simple plug because those often fail eventually where as threaded connections rarely fail. Refilling the Hemp Hookahzz vape pen is also easily accomplished by simply unscrewing the clear cartridge, holding it upside down if you still have juice left in the cartridge, and injecting the E-Juice in the side around the hollow metal centerpiece. We rate the use of this vape pen a perfect 10 for it's easy use and perfect vaping capabilities. Overall 8.3 Overall the Hemp Hookahzz EVOD 650mah and 900mah vapes CBD E-Juice Vape oil VERY well. Besides the packaging not having instructions for use and what looked like hairline fractures on the cartridge of the 900mah vape pen bothperformed exceptionally well. When we tested the packaging, the construction/durability and the use of these vape pens we can honestly say it doesn't get much better than the Hemp Hookahzz EVOD 650mah and 900mah CBD E-Juice Vape pen .

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