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Except, in this case, that medicine is marijuana. They use the raw product, which arrives in Cheech and Chong-sized bags. The plant is ground down and put into equipment that extracts its best vapor cigarette north myrtle beach sc essence. And it comes out like this, in this beautiful golden substance, Chief Science Officer Robert Sindelar said. Its liquid gold alright because cannabis oil is a huge part of the marijuana business in California. The value of that industry is projected at $7 billion dollars once legal recreational pot rolls out. The sticky goo already gets into all sorts of products sold in medical marijuana dispensaries, from edibles like spaghetti sauceto topical treatments like bath products. The same oil is also what goes into the extremely popular vape pens. In Colorado, where recreational weed was legalized in 2012, products using cannabis extract make up 60 percent of the market versus smokable buds 40 percent. Right now, these products are currently legal to buy for those with a medical marijuana card, but that market is about to get a lot bigger in 2018. A lot of people are going to try cannabis and more and more of these companies are going to need to get permits to do the right process, to do the right science to make the right formula, BAS Research Founder Dr.

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