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Youre getting something more,' Chris Mikovits, the owner of an e-cigarette store, told the technology website Digital Trends . 'Youre getting accessories, youre getting colors, youre getting flavors. Youre able to tune the experience fine-tune it to you.' At a recent convention of 'vapers,' tobacco was banned. No one at a recent convention of 'vapers' would have been caught dead with the any of the widely-available e-cigarettes made by Blu or NJoy, which are sold at supermarkets and gas stations across the country. Those cigarettes don't have rechargeable batteries and don't have refillable container holding the flavored e-juice. The craze among the 'vaper' community is the PV - personal vaporizer, also called a mod. Simple: Some of the PVs are simple. This one is sleek stainless steel and offers clean metal lines Elaborate: Others PVs are much more elaborate. This model was make out of a joystick from an Atari video game Steam punk: Vapers say the draw of their hobby is being able to customize their smoking pieces to suit their personalities than their preferences Dozens of companies have sprung up offering a cornucopia of e-cigarettes accessories that allow enthusiasts to build and customize their own PVs. 'The last thing you want to do when youre a new vaper is to be ignorant,' Rich Gavina told Digital Trends.

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