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So ever since ive heard about the blu ecig i wanted to try it and i like it better. Im a vapor cigarette ban regular smoker. directioner cat watching youtube videos / 10-21-2016 / are these safe i saw kids smoking these Kyler Miller / 10-21-2016 / Aren't these supposed to be for people to quit cigarettes? Wtf are kids smoking these when they don't even smoke real shit Linda Hartoonian / 10-21-2016 / Matt. You're a pasty little, wimpy-looking, white boy in mommies basement. YOU ARE NOT A NEGRO!!!!!! (and do you really want to be?) 021500HD / 10-21-2016 / Lol no vapor. I guess this was with what, a .5wat James Otis / 10-21-2016 / They sell them at liquor stores John Marston / 10-21-2016 / we want to smoke Cigarettes!!! you so-called 'vapers' are in a Very small minority, face it, Most people dont want to be smoking from a retarded 2 pound battery pack and some dumb ass turbo tank, lol, like what the f* is this?!! we want Cigarettes, we want the feel, the look, and the touch, period!.. Big Tobacco is on point with these e-cigs, the rest can have fun with they 2 pound battery packs and retarded looking turbo tanks lol John Marston / 10-21-2016 / nice bro..

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