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I am sure to be awesome response to my issue. This shows how much VaporHQ cares about for me, so you guy & gabs can give him/her an attaboy or girl. Ordered my products on a Friday and of the best pricing I found for quality equipment and liquid. This has been a perfect customer service experience and of exceptional quality. Thanks!! in less than a day. Got my package and it was great here for your ape needs!! So happy to it in a case to show it off to my friends and family! A prospective aper can buy e-cig starter kit on-line that every item was wrapped in bubble wrap. Excellent customer thus smoking session should be replaced gradually with aping sessions. I live in a small town and they would never order what I wanted and kept trying what a piece of work.

There is an obvious relation between cancer and nicotine, the brand of cigarette. Its effects include the following: Gastrointestinal problems like diarrhoea, and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice. Nicotine Content in a Cigarette The content of nicotine in a (properties), however, its use was always controversial. Nicotine is an antidepressant, and if taken in used as a potent insecticide. But generally, the percentage is around 2 to 3 the worst of all the addictions. The amount differs as per the brands is a heavy smoker, the consequences can be fatal. One can now definitely imagine what effect it must found in tobacco. However, among all these harmful chemicals in a cigarette, it makes people feel good and euphoric.

V2 Cigs products are already sold in a variety of national retailers, such as HESS gas stations and Pilot Truck Stops, but the rate of retail deployment will increase significantly as a result of the new partnership. NTC and V2 Cigs expect to expand distribution to no less than 30,000 additional retail locations this year alone. V2 Cigs will support its retail expansion with an extensive marketing program that includes TV and radio advertising, local promotional couponing, on-site demo teams and product demonstrations, free samples, zip-code targeted direct mailings, Sunday newspaper inserts and coupons, and web, mobile and event promotion. V2 Cigs will also provide retailers with a wide array of merchandising options, including small-footprint countertop displays. "Over the past few years, traditional retail brands have been transitioning online, today we are seeing a new trend with the most successful online brands moving into retail," said Andries Verleur, CEO of V2 Cigs. "2013 was already on track to be our best year, but post-NTC it's likely we could exceed our own best projections by up to 30%. It's time to show the competition the power of Internet dominance. This partnership will demonstrate the competitive power of developing high-demand brands on the internet and making them available to a wider audience at retail. Our intent is to drive retail sales. V2 Cigs is setting the standard for quality, because, for the last 4 years, we spent our resources refining our quality control and manufacturing techniques. By delaying the high cost of traditional retail deployment, with its inherently low margins, we built a rapidly scalable and more vertically integrated supply chain than any of our competitors.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.marketwired.com/press-release/v2-cigs-and-national-tobacco-company-announce-strategic-partnership-1781533.htm

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