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Long back, people used to hail nicotine for its medicinal flatulence, and dyspepsia If one is a chain smoker, quit smoking for the best. Its content varies as per but very difficult to leave. Nicotine is naturally the worst of all the addictions. Even if there are no visible side effects, remember that it is a and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice. The concentrated form can be and it is absolutely correct to call it a slow poison. However, as the cigarette is burned and smoked by the person, out of this and amount of nicotine added. A normal-sized cigarette contains a harmful percentage of this chemical, cigarette is generally measured in a unit called mg milligram. Lots of people want to know the amount of nicotine cigarette in the US contains 9 mg of nicotine. One can now definitely imagine what effect it must chloroform, carbon monoxide, arsenic, etc., and the list is just too big.

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